Our movements are loud

Artist: the bridge radio Tags: temporary art Tillfällig konst Ort:

The Bridge Radio presents a radio-play that is produced collectively by different people, with and without Danish citizenship, connected with each other through their experience of the Danish asylum system.

In our practice the process of working collectively across privileges is both a tool and a theme. The sound installation consists of various perspectives, positions and voices that converge towards a narrative of struggles against deportation. These interwoven stories, told by activists operating from within and without the asylum camps, take place within an imaginary scenario.

In our work we target the racist structures we experience within Fortress Europe. By focusing on life in the asylum camps – the real-life materialization of aforementioned structures – we reveal how segregation between people with and without European citizenship, with and without rights and privileges, is constructed and maintained. Through the play we want to make visible the daily fight of people being subjected to these policies, analyze how mainstream media represents acts of resistance, and think how to build collective strategies to disrupt and break these oppressive structures, without centering on whiteness.

The stories in the radio play are based on real events that have taken place in asylum camps, airplanes and in larger protests that The Bridge Radio and its network has participated.

The process of creating the radio play started with a workshop in writing and drama for radio with writer Athena Farrokhzad, director Saga Gärde and sound designer Arash Pandi.

Texts and voices: Laila, Serafin, Cedric, Barly, Kirstine, Arash, Nanna, Arendse, Shakira, Fayeza, Carina, Nanna, Kathrine and Allan.

Sound recordings from the Bridge Radio Archive:
Quotes by Audre Lorde, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Nicholas De Genova and Bertolt Brecht.

Radio drama workshop: Athena Farrokhzad and Saga Gärde.
Recordings and editing: The Bridge Radio.
Sound design: Arash Pandi.