During two weeks in August 2019, and in connection to Stockholms Kulturfestival, the public encountered a diverse range of artworks such as installation, video, performance, sound, experiences, theater and an assembly.

Choreographies of the Social explored the changing field of social relations. The project was informed by artistic and activist practices that investigate how we relate to one another and to the world around us. The different works addressed inherent social tensions and the global dynamics of our time.

When: August 13–25 2019
Where: Around Stockholm, among other places at Stockholms kulturfestival.

Choreographies of the Social presented new works by Jonas Staal, Shilpa Gupta, The Bridge Radio, MYCKET and Public Movement, as well as existing works by Ingela Ihrman & Maja Salomonsson, Klas Eriksson, Molly Haslund and Cecilia Parsberg.

Choreographies of the Social also included the programme series Life choreographies–instructions for a livable life. The series was in three parts:
June 4 at 14.30–18.30
August 15 at 16.00–19.00
August 21 at 16.00–19.00

Art projects in Choreographies of the Social