But wait

Artist: annika ström Tags: Permanent art Permanent konst

The work but wait (men vänta nu) consists of several short fragments of text placed in various spots in, on and around the new LUX Centre for humanities and theology studies at Lund University. It is based on the written word, the means of communication used to convey academic knowledge over time and space. In universities, this knowledge is available in books, and nowadays also in computers. Annika Ström has instead chosen to let the word materialise in space. Her texts have different formats, styles and materials. They are expressed as sculptures and paintings, creating a multifaceted effect.

but wait occupies a tension field stretching from monumental sculpture to sketchily painted signs glimpsed casually as we pass by. Annika Ström elegantly balances between surface and depth, between and ostentation, monumentality and transience. Her work charges the place with personal reflection, comedy and observations that tell of our collective life experiences here and now.

Annika Ström was born in Helsingborg in 1964 and now lives in London in the UK. She works all over the world, with exhibitions and performances. She employs an array of methods, styles and techniques, including installation, painting, sculpture, video and audio, along with stage performances. Her starting point is often disarmingly direct and surprising, with a radical simplicity that goes straight to the heart. With a sure hand she mixes high and low, humour and gravity, an approach she shares with both early conceptualism and popular culture.

Peter Hagdahl