Burl Boat Stone/Fijfere Vanás Geađgi

Artist: joar nango, anders rimpi Tags: Permanent konst

A large rock, a birch burl and an old wooden boat that speak Sami have entered the Giella Preschool in Jokkmokk. Artists Anders Rimpi and Joar Nango have created spaces in which Sami language, culture and traditions can stimulate the children’s imagination and aid their linguistic development.

Joar Nango and Anders Rimpi have balanced the practical needs of everyday life with their site-specific artwork. For the work Fijfere Vanás Geađgi (Burl Boat Stone), they have created a njalla (a bear cache), employed the boat and the rock and interwoven the practical with the visual, with sound recordings and scents. The sounds in Fijfere Vanás Geađgi (Burl Boat Stone) lead us to the interface between physical and spiritual spaces. The focus is on Sami learning which is based on practical experience – and the practical experience will convey the theoretical foundation to the children.