The ideal (v. 0.2)

Artist: yuri pattison Tags: temporary art

The ideal (v. 0.2) by Yuri Pattison is part of the exhibition Extracts from a future history. The installation shows how the extraction of Bitcoins is a physical and energy-intensive process even though the currency is digital.

The video documents the work of constructing a Bitcoin mine in Kangding, an area characterized by a cold climate, tall mountains, and access to hydroelectric power–not unlike Norrbotten–all of which are reasons it has become attractive to the data industry. Pattison’s work reminds us of the physical reality behind the information age, and that virtual actions have physical consequences.

Where and when

Monday through Saturday 11am – 7pm

In two freight containers at the intersection of Storgatan and Smedjegatan.

Extracts from a future history

With “extraction” as a main theme, the exhibition takes a dizzying journey following the path of iron ore and internet data traffic.

The exhibition is held from November 15 – December 3 2017