The Blood of Stars

Artist: raqs media collective Tags: temporary art

The Blood of Stars (2017) by Raqs Media Collective is part of the exhibition Extracts from a future history. In The Blood of Stars, a site specific installation located inside Mjölkuddsberget, Raqs Media Collective catch starlight in a dying reindeer’s eye, eavesdrop on the logic of extraction inside an iron mine and explore the tunnels of an abandoned subterranean military facility kept warm in preparation for a nuclear winter.

The installation uses light, sound, found footage and objects, video and a sparse, poetic text. The work invites its public to think about the relation between the presence of iron, a residue from the formation of the universe, sleeping deep inside the earth, and its course through the veins of warm blooded mammals. Meanwhile, it also registers the relationships between mining, global militarism and physical changes to the landscape of Norrbotten.

The defense facility deep inside Mjölkuddsberget was completed in the 1950s, just like the other exhibition venues. The space inside the mountain is, however, the opposite of their light-filled, optimistic architecture. Like the former post office Vetenskapens Hus, Mjölkuddsberget was a center of communication, but with the charge of working out of sight and underground in times of war. The facilities were also meant to protect the iron ore ports in Luleå, where the cannons of the Boden fortress couldn’t reach. After the end of the Cold War, the Swedish defense forces were reduced, and the mountain was decommissioned and is no longer owned by the Swedish military. Some of the old communication and readiness equipment remains, however, inside the now-ghostlike mountain–a reminder of a time of intensive preparations before a war that fortunately never came to pass.

Where and when

Torpslingan 36, Luleå

Monday through Friday 16.00-19.00
Saturday 12.00-16.00

Extracts from a future history

With “extraction” as a main theme, the exhibition takes a dizzying journey following the path of iron ore and internet data traffic.

The exhibition is held from November 15 – December 3 2017

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