Att använda landskap

Artist: anja örn, tomas örn och fanny carinasdotter Tags: temporary art

Att använda landskap by Anja Örn, Tomas Örn and Fanny Carinasdotter is part of the exhibition Extracts from a future history. The artwork is a part of the artists’ ongoing investigation of the open-pit Aitik mine in Sakajärvi.

The work collects voices connected to the mine in various ways. Knowledge, emotions, economics, and nature come together and push against each other in the dramatic landscape. The quotations are taken from interviews, news articles, informational films about Boliden, and the letters of Sakajärvi residents to the mining company, amongst other sources. Instead of following a single story with a definite ending, the artists allow the many voices to remain conflicting and multifaceted.

Time and Place

Monday through Saturday 11am – 7pm

In two freight containers at the intersection of Storgatan and Smedjegatan

Extracts from a future history

With “extraction” as a main theme, the exhibition takes a dizzying journey following the path of iron ore and internet data traffic.

The exhibition is held from November 15 – December 3 2017