Tjärna Ängar, Borlänge

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The non-profit organisation Tjärnkraft and the Municipality of Borlänge want to emphasise the area’s positive qualities. To this end artistic commissions will be developed in dialogue with residents in Tjärna Ängar.

What is happening?

The residents of Tjärna Ängar want to highlight the positive characteristics of the area. The applicant partner Tjärnkraft comprises a large number of members who can illuminate the work already being carried out in the area. Via Art is Happening, knowledge can be harnessed and developed artistically.

In April 2017, artist Lina Sofia Lundin submitted her preliminary study report. Since autumn 2016, she has conducted a number of textile workshops at Tjärnkraft and collaborated with several actors. Now the next phase awaits. Lundin has been awarded a sketch assignment, which will involve a performance dinner in the area. The assignment also includes designing a table that will be placed in the housing environment.

Join us during a textile workshop, spring 2017. 

Tjärna Ängar is part of Art is Happening

2016-2018 Public Art Agency Sweden will focus on public art in late modernist dwelling area, built 1965-1974. A part of the governments Taking place-project.

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