Persons in charge

Lena From is the head of Art is happening. She has long experience of working with public art, that is, art that is located in places where people live their everyday lives: on streets, in squares and places of work, schools and eldercare centres, both in and outside the Miljonprogram. Before Lena From started to work with art, she worked as a journalist, not least as a local journalist for provincial newspapers all over Sweden.

Joanna Zawieja works in the intersections of art, architecture and urban planning. She runs projects that focus on improving our common public areas by trying new ways of working and focusing on the social aspects of urban planning. Joanna Zawieja has worked previously within architecture where she has often collaborated with artists and cultural institutions. She is in charge of Public Art Agency Sweden’s ”Urban Development” work.



Emma Engström, production assistant Art is Happening

Inger Höjer Aspemyr, curating learning Art is Happening

Marti Manen, curator Art is Happening

Peter Hagdahl, curator Art is Happening



15 Locations Proceed To Next Phase

On 4 October 2016, a decision was reached on where the Public Art Agency Sweden will continue its collaboration with representatives from local communities and local actors in the government initiative Art is Happening.