Lindängen, Malmö

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Increased security in the urban environment. Artworks in the urban space. These are some of the resident network Gatukraft’s visions for the centre of Lindäng. Together with artist Carla Zaccagnini they will develop their ideas and make the place more their own.

We are here!

The Lindängen residential area is located south of central Malmö. Today, the square is perceived as unsafe, dark and worse for wear. The housing network Gatukraft Lindängen is working hands-on to develop the area, make the location more accessible and increase the sense of influence and security, specifically for women and children.

Lindängen primarily comprises 1970s multi-dwelling units. The architecture in the centre of the area is characterised by low brick buildings. Gatukraft Lindängen has established collaborations with Save the Children, the Red Cross, the property owners association in Lindängen, the Lindängen Library, the City of Malmö and the Community Centre. The project is strengthened by the fact that the City of Malmö has initiated a city development project for the centre of Lindängen.

What´s happening?

During the summer 2016, artist Carla Zaccagnini, active in Malmö and São Paulo, held meetings with the activists from the resident network Gatukraft Lindängen. The meetings will form the basis for the proposal for continued work that they will present in spring 2017. At this time Carla Zaccagnini will also present a sketch for a permanent artwork in Lindängen.


The resident network Gatukraft Lindängen

Art is Happening

Lindängen is part of Art is happening

2016-2018 Public Art Agency Sweden will focus on public art in late modernist dwelling area, built 1965-1974. A part of the governments Taking place-project.

We are here!