Application process

On 4 October 2016, the Public Art Agency Sweden announced the 15 locations where the government initiative Art is Happening will be developed in collaboration with representatives from the local community and local actors. Read more about the 15 locations here.

The application deadline for collaboration with the Public Art Agency Sweden in the project Art is Happening was 1 March 2016. A total of 153 applications from throughout the country were submitted. In April 2016, 28 locations proceeded to the next phase of the process, a period of in-depth investigations. Together with representatives from local communities, local organisations, actors and artists, the Public Art Agency Sweden explored how an artistic process could affect different locations and situations.

Selection criteria

Evaluation criteria during the process:

The potential of the location.

Artistic potential.

Long-term thinking.

Potential for local collaboration.

Economic feasibility.

Opportunities for interaction between different competencies have also been weighed in. In addition, the Public Art Agency Sweden has taken into account geographical dissemination throughout the country and election turnout.

The point of departure for the projects is the situation in the location. The duration of the projects depends on local conditions and how the collaboration develops. The Public Art Agency Sweden may work on some projects until 2018 and during more limited time periods with other projects. The long-term importance for the location and the residents is an important goal for all of the projects.

15 Locations Proceed To Next Phase

On 4 October 2016, a decision was reached on where the Public Art Agency Sweden will continue its collaboration with representatives from local communities and local actors in the government initiative Art is Happening.