Hageby, Norrköping

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A group of architects and engineers who have recently immigrated to Sweden wish to create a community centre in Hageby. The staring point is Portalen, a centre for labour-market integration and a place to make new contacts and find employment. The location is the green area in front of the old laundry room that houses Portalen’s activities.

What's happening?

In summer 2016, in collaboration with Spanish architect group MAP13, the applicant has performed experimental brick work, exploring the potential nature of a meeting place in Hageby. As a first step towards a community centre, the goal now is to build a pavilion.

MAP13 Barcelona is designing a curved wooden pavilion. A proposal in collaboration with Summum Engineering and Edyta Augustynowicz (structural engineering and parametric modeling).

Which is the most important issue?

MAP13 Barcelona, architects:

”An important question for MAP13 Barcelona is to figure out how to involve people in the entire artistic and architectural process.

Through the realization of different workshops with the community, the neighbor’s needs and desires are detected and the artistic/architectural piece is designed accordingly, resulting in a piece that responds to specific and realistic demands from the future users. Furthermore, the resident’s participation in the process creates a strong link between them and the construction and a predisposition to its enjoyment.

The construction phase is also key in the participatory process. Taking part in the construction (or in any related activity around the construction) not only may give additional skills to the interested neighbors, but also helps them to create a growing feeling of community and allows a healthy and positive appropriation of the new public space, which is the result of the contribution from the whole community.”

Art is happening

Hageby is part of Art is happening.

2016-2018 Public Art Agency Sweden will focus on public art in late modernist dwelling area, built 1965-1974. A part of the governments Taking place-project.

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