Gärdeåsen, Ljusdal

Tags: Permanent konst

More participation. New places for meetings. People living and working in Gärdeåsen want to make the outdoor space a place for everyone. Our goal is a permanent artistic design for the area.

What's happening

There is an ongoing discussion on how art can be a means to create a place for intercultural encounters in Gärdeåsen. The applicants want to work with international artists. The nature and form of the collaboration will be determined in 2017.

As part of the in-depth study phase, Santiago Mostyn’s artwork Mirakel i Gärdeåsen (Miracle in Gärdeåsen) was exhibited from 19 December 2016 to 4 January 2017.


Art is Happening

Gärdeåsen is part of Art is happening

2016-2018 Public Art Agency Sweden will focus on public art in late modernist dwelling area, built 1965-1974. A part of the governments Taking place-project.

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