All the animals in the world

Artist: christoffer paues Tags: Permanent art

In All the Animals in the World (All världens djur) storms and serene seas, barren deserts and tropical landscapes co-exist. We find an array of galloping horses, flying cranes, playing dogs, pecking hens, fish and jellyfish. The work is a contemporary visual fable. Unlike the clear narrative of traditional fables, however, where anthropomorphic animals deliver moral messages, the dynamic in Paues’ work lies in the collision between incompatible and improbable creatures and worlds. Christoffer Paues was also inspired by animal portrayals in art history.In this work, he brings together the unlikely, the abstract and the figurative, the familiar and the unknown. His imagery allows disparate fantasies, thoughts and ideas to appear together. The scene is imaginary, a poetic rendition of nature, perpetually metamorphosing, mobile and unpredictable.The work All the Animals in the World stretches throughout the entire entrance level of the Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. It consists of two large, horizontal glass paintings, a sculpture group and two video screens that together form a visual totality of moving images and two and three dimensional art.Christoffer Paues was born in Stockholm in 1975 and studied at the Royal Institute of Art (MFA 2006). In his oeuvre, he mixes painting, sculpture, text and moving images in spatial situations. Inspired by art history, drama and alternative universes, he has created a multifaceted work that manages to embrace contradiction, impurity and complexity.

Peter Hagdahl