A short story in three parts – it, oak and cloud

Artist: jennifer forsberg Tags: Permanent art

short story in three parts – It, Oak and Cloud is the title of the ceramicist and sculptor Jennifer Forsberg’s first monumental work. At an early stage in the process, Jennifer decided that the work would consist of three separate parts, to enable a narrative, and that it would be made in her own ceramic style, which is characterised by soft, sen­sual shapes that appear to explode from an inner core, revealing the inherent property of clay, but, more significantly, the artist’s own story.

A swelling, black clay figure with a shiny red “crown” askew on its head has alighted on the apex of the courtyard. He is seated on a stone slab look­ing contentedly out over his domains. With his size and his folded body, he lends a sense of peace to the place. Perhaps he has spotted the group of “moun­tain figures” in black clay that are progressing slowly towards the great oak, led by a small vanguard. Their movement is bow-shaped across the grass. We can almost hear a gentle prattling from the tiny creatures, as they advance in clusters. There, in the shade, they can soon rest or seek shelter from the oncoming rain.

For isn’t that a thunder cloud, or perhaps it’s just a rain cloud, looming above the vast lawn? A silver­ shimmering, dazzling cloud cascading water on the ground to form a puddle.

Jennifer Forsberg’s work is not a play sculpture. It is an art work that suggests play and fairytale, laughter and surprise. Art to be inspired by in edu­cational activities, for both the seeing and the non­ seeing. Art to touch, and to be touched by.

Cecilia Nelson