Aerial view of an area where the Marble Line runs like a white line

Research Call Designed Living Environment

Welcome to a webinar that offers hands on information about the research call Designed living enviroment and how to apply including a live Q&A chat. Live casted on March 24 at 13.30–15.15. The research call is open to 6 May 2020.

The physical meeting about the research call Designing living environments has been replaced by a webinar. The webinar offers hands on information about the call and how to apply and a live Q&A chat. During the webinar you will get information how to apply for a four-year research project on the role of art and art as part of shared spaces and society’s designed living environment. You are welcome to ask questions during the webinar, which is live casted 13.30–15.15 on Tuesday 24 March. It will also be published on the websites of Public Art Agency Sweden and Formas after the live cast.

Formas’ new call, in collaboration with Public Art Agency Sweden, ArkDes, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and the Swedish National Heritage Board, welcomes research that will shed light on artistic perspectives and the role of public art for those of us who work with sustainable, designed living environments.

The contributors to the programme have been restricted from meeting in person and from having a joint participation due to the new regulations regarding COVID-19. Hence, the collaborating governmental agencies will be contributing from a distance in the webinar, addressing questions raised from the audience in the chat. The part of the programme which included examples from designed living environments from different perspectives by the governmental agencies involved in the research call has been cancelled.

What is a designed living environment? How can art, in collaboration with other disciplines, explore alternative ways of defining and shaping our living environments?

Formas’ funding makes it possible for artists, architects and researchers to come together in a joint project, creating the opportunity for an in-depth conversation and raise issues on what sustainability can mean today and in the future.