Public filmscreening and panel discussion: Television Without Frontiers av Andjeas Ejiksson

13 June, KL 17:30 - 20:30 Öppet arrangemang

Welcome to the first public screening in Stockholm of the artwork Television Without Frontiers by artist Andjeas Ejiksson. The viewing is followed by the panel talk Trust not Truth – Between public institution and public content.

Time: 13/6, at 17.30–20.30. Film screening at 18.00. Panel talk 19.40
Place: Bio Mauritz, the Film House (Filmhuset)
Address: Borgvägen 1–5, Gärdet, Stockholm.
Language: English
RSVP: By using the form below no later than June 12th

Early birds will get to see the gigantic inflatable turtle which plays a leading role in the film. Admission is free, but be on time. Seating is limited and we apply a first come, first serve policy.
The Film House café and restaurant are open before the public programme commence.

The outset of Television Without Frontiers is a project called “Eurikon”, which was initiated by the European Broadcast Union (EBU) in 1982. It was organised as a collaboration between fifteen national public service networks based in Europe and North Africa. There were five separate, week-long transmissions, set up to investigate the possibilities of establishing a public service network that would reach the entire European continent and beyond. A few years later a fully functioning service called “Europa TV” was launched, but the broadcasts were cancelled after eighteen months. There have been no similar attempts since.

Now, more than three decades later, Europe seems rather to be heading towards nationalist fragmentation. Television Without Frontiers brings together a number of TV and media personalities from across Europe and beyond. In an exhilarating atmosphere shifting between past and present, reality and imagination, and full of unexpected turns, they debate on how Eurikon might be used as a model to find out what happened to the visions of a post-national community.

Trust not Truth – Between public institution and public content
The panel aims to dig into the idea of media as a common, a public realm, and as a possible public good — while simultaneously keeping the complex and rather complicated idea of “Europe” as a backdrop. Truth and the questioning of truth has become an increasingly heated topic in the debate about media, while in fact the issue seems to be about trust rather than truth. How do you build trust in a media organisation? Does trust, or the lack of trust, in media reflect the level of trust in the organisation of society? And what does a media for the common good mean?

18.00 Introduction
Magdalena Malm, director of Public Art Agency Sweden, is giving an introduction to the art work and the context in which it has been developed, as part of Public Art Agency’s open call to artist to suggest projects as part of the agency’s explorative work on making contemporary art in the public realm available in unexpected ways.

18.15 Film screening
The artwork Television Without Frontiers is a documentary performance in a TV-format by the artist Andjeas Ejiksson.

19.30 Pause
Refreshments will be served in the pause between the screening of the artwork and the panel.

19.50 Discussion and Q&A
Panel discussion on Trust not Truth – Between public institution and public content is held after the screening of the artwork and will start from the experience of it and the references it brings up.

Participants of the panel: Maria Lamuedra, researcher in public service media journalism at the University in Sevilla and member of Teledetodos (Spain), Mireya Echeverría Quezada, chief editor of Kontext, and journalist with a focus in culture and political science (Sweden) and Andjeas Ejiksson, artist (Sweden).
The panel discussion is moderated by Nathalie Rothschild and held in English.


Magdalena Malm, director of Public Art Agency Sweden, gives an introduction
Andjeas Ejiksson, artist, writer and researcher, Valand Academy, Göteborg, Sweden
Maria Lamuedra, PhD, researcher in public service media journalism at the University in Sevilla and member of Teledetodos, an organization working to promote the need for public services in Spain and what public service can contribute to contemporary Spanish society, Sevilla, Spain.
Mireya Echeverría Quezada, chief editor of Kontext and journalist focusing on culture and political science, former chief editor of the feminist periodical Bang and editor at Utbildningsradion, the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, which is part of the public service broadcasting group in Sweden with Swedish Radio (SR) and Swedish Television (SVT), Stockholm, Sweden.
Moderator: Nathalie Rothschild, freelance Journalist, producer and reporter at the National Public Swedish Radio (SR).

Read more about Television Without Frontiers here

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