Full-day programme: In Forest Intervals / Responding to the Forest’s Call

10 September - 23:59

Welcome to a full-day public programme with the art project Forest Calling. Join us on a bus ride from Stockholm to a specific piece of forest – a public artwork. Along the way, we make a visit to an exhibition at Sörmlands museum.

When: September 10, 2020
Where: The bus departs from Stockholm and goes via Sörmlands museum to Forest Calling by the Fogelstad estate.
Sign up: Save the date – coming soon
Language: English

Can you sense the Forest Calling? Let this bus ride take you through overlapping intervals of past and present futures, as we travel between a capital city, an exhibition, and a specific piece of forest – a public artwork. Through an assemblage of movements, soundtracks, histories, temporalities and relationships with other life forms, we emerge as participants and collaborators.

In Forest Intervals / Responding to the Forest’s Call is a full-day public programme engaging ecological and relational entanglements within Malin Arnell and Åsa Elzéns work Forest Calling – A Never-ending Contaminated Collaboration or Dancing is a Form of Forest Knowledge.

Through the project, the forest – located on the historical grounds of Fogelstad estate – is lifted out of its predetermined context and becomes a kind of resistance to the Western teleological concept of time. The forest lives on in a different temporality, where a time axis from the Fogelstad group is allowed to continue instead of being broken through clearcutting. By allowing the forest to remain, the anthropocentrically predetermined, profit-driven cyclical temporality that the forest is part of today, is instead broken.

Contributors: The Association Skogen Kallar: Malin Arnell and Åsa Elzén, Katarina Bonnevier, Åsa Elzén, Natasha Myers, Merete Røstad, Pella Thiel and more to be confirmed

The work is one of twelve awarded projects within the Public Art Agency’s nationwide open call Lokala konstprojekt, in which locally engaged art projects, initiated by artists or art organisations, were invited to apply for collaboration on mutual knowledge development (2018-2020).

The program includes a visit to the exhibition Notes on a Fallow – The Fogelstad group and earth by Åsa Elzén, curated by Joanna Nordin, at Sörmland’s museum.

The public programme is produced by Public Art Agency Sweden/Annika Enqvist and Andria Nyberg Forshage in collaboration with Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén and Joanna Nordin/Sörmland Museum – part of Region Sörmland,

We are taking care to plan for the possibility of ongoing recommendations regarding covid-19, with enough room to allow for safer distances during the bus ride.