Brakfesten – interactive, growing and open all summer!

Visit Brakfesten this summer

Brakfesten/La Grande Bouffe is an art project in the form of a living sculpture of fallen and felled trees, created by the artists Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Pauline Doutreluingne. Here you combine curiosity, reflection and movement! Open all summer, from May 19 to September 11, at Södra Hällarna just outside Visby.

How to get there?

The swamp forest Södra Hällarna. There is a narrow path from the parking lot at the main entrance to Södra Hällarna’s nature reserve.
GPS coordinates: 57.619691,18.271118

The work focuses on the nature reserve of Södra Hällarna where elm trees are threatened with extinction. Fallen and felled trees lie around like infected dead bodies and the ecosystem has been disturbed. But in the larger cycle of life, even the dead trees can be of help to restore and maintain the ecological cycle. The trees are returned to their original place and over time they turn into a feast for insects, beetles, birds and other organisms.

Out of the sky, into the earth

Brakfesten/La Grande Bouffe is part of Out of the sky, into the earth, a public art project by Public Art Agency Sweden in collaboration with Baltic Art Center. Read more here.

  • From May 19 to September the sculptural installation of Brakfesten in Södra Hällarna will be open and possible to visit and interact with.
  • On August 27 an exhibition will open at the Gotland Art Museum about the process behind the projects where The Swamp Observatory app will also be launched in the Visborg area. The exhibition will be open to the public until September 11.