The Contemporary Art Days Summit 2019

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Contemporary Art Days Summit, October 1–3 in Södertälje and Gnesta, Sweden. The theme for this year is “Sustainable/Elastic”.

Held annually, the Contemporary Art Days Summit brings together art organisations from throughout Sweden to discuss current issues that affect them. This is the second occasion that Public Art Agency Sweden is the lead organizer. The Contemporary Art Days Summit 2019 is produced by Public Art Agency Sweden in collaboration with Art Lab Gnesta, Grafikens Hus, Södertälje art gallery with support from Södertälje muncipality and Region Sörmland

When: 1–3 October in Södertälje/Södermanland.
1 Oct, 17.00: Opening of the exhibition Internationella motståndsmuseet (International Museum of Resistance) 1978–2020, Södertälje Art Gallery.
2 Oct, ca. 08.30–20.30: The Contemporary Art Days Summit
3 Oct, ca. 08.30–16.00: The Contemporary Art Days Summit
Where: Södertälje and Gnesta, more info soon
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Currently confirmed speakers include:
Kerstin Bergendal, Copenhagen/Gothenburg
Enough Room for Space, Brussels
Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam
Francis McKee, Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Mustarinda/HIAP, Kainuu/Helsinki

The 2019 Contemporary Art Days Summit will focus on the sustainability of art organisations
In order to highlight the interaction between larger and smaller actors and the value of small and medium-sized art activities, the field of art has been described as an ecosystem. The Contemporary Art Days Summit will invite participants to discuss art field sustainability beyond the idea of value. Which relationships between art actors need to become more sustainable? Which platforms can we use or develop to enable us to further our artistic activities? What structural changes are required in order to meet the art field’s current and future challenges?

Socio-Economic and Political Sustainability
Art organisations throughout the country that play an important role for the local community and the field of art are subjected to budget cuts. Pressure is also applied, not least politically, questioning whether art organisations constitute a natural element in the development of society. The demands are high and the support insufficient. How far can these activities be stretched before they snap? Can we reuse the concept of sustainability and together imagine what art organisations require to become sustainable? Do art organisations need to change their working methods to become stronger locally and in society at large?

Sustainability in Relation to the Climate
Human influence on the climate, climate neutrality, climate-impacting emissions, conversions, climate pep talks and climate anxiety are some of the concepts we have grown accustomed to hearing about in the media and in everyday life. What opportunities do art organisations have for creating awareness about individual and societal responsibility for justice and equality in relation to environmental issues? What changes do art organisations need to undergo in order to better meet contemporary climate challenges?

Inspiring lectures and participatory discussion formats will provide participants with the opportunity to address these issues and together map out a way forward.



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