Samtidskonstdagarna 2018

Samtidskonstdagarna 2018 (Contemporary Art Days) by Public Art Agency Sweden announces the 2018 edition. The annual contemporary art summit brings together art professionals from Sweden and other countries to discuss pressing issues for art organizations.

  • 13 November Pre-conference visit to the city of Kiruna, Sweden
  • 14–16 November Samtidskonstdagarna 2018 in the city of Boden, Sweden
  • 16 November Preview Luleå Biennial 2018

This year’s programme will focus on networking and the building of alliances as strategies for action in contemporary art organizations today. The last few years have witnessed a large increase in organizational networks across the art field in Sweden. More or less formal, more local or national, with Nordic or international counterparts, alliances are formed in a variety of constellations among art institutions, self-organized initiatives and other organizations. Are networks the obvious way of strategizing in liberal democracies or solidary responses to recent threats towards contemporary culture? Or are they merely a new name for age old tools of building alliances around mutual concerns?

Samtidskonstdagarna 2018 will present a diverse program with guest speakers, performance acts and participative workshops that will look into the role and the meaning networks, and how these networks can be strengthened.

Among the contributors:
Grégory Castéra Council, Paris
Sandi Hilal Al Madhafah/The Living Room, Boden
Maria Lind Tensta konsthall, Stockholm
Sarah Munro BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle

The summit will be held in the region of Norrbotten in the north of Sweden. A preview to the Luleå Biennial 2018 as well as a site visit to Kiruna, a mining city that is being relocated and rebuilt will be included in the programme. On the occasion of the summit and the biennial, Public Art Agency Sweden will also reactivate The blood of stars by Raqs Media Collective, a site specific installation located inside the abandoned subterranean military facility Mjölkuddsberget in Luleå.

Samtidskonstdagarna 2018 is organized jointly by Public Art Agency Sweden, Havremagasinet länskonsthall (Boden), and Konstfrämjandet.

Programme Samtidskonstdagarna


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