Tania Bruguera


Havana, Cuba and United States

Tania Bruguera has never been one to shy away from challenging institutions of power and exposing governmental control. Frequently using performance, installation, and tactics of community organizing, her long-term projects often expose the social effects of the power of political force. Over the course of the past five years, Bruguera’s ongoing project Immigrant Movement International has developed into an art based socio-political movement, engaging and uniting local and international communities around the central issue of immigration reform. Initiated in collaboration with Creative Time and the Queens Museum, the project was two-fold, with the artist living with the conditions of an immigrant worker while also managing a storefront that currently provides necessary services like English classes, career, and legal support to the local community of Corona, Queens. Brugera has recently started the Migrant People Party designed to give migrants political representation with a goal of intervening in the Mexican electoral process.