Samtidskonstdagarna/ The Contemporary Art Days Summit: Travel routes and accommodation

Welcome to Samtiidskonstdagarna 2018! Here’s all information about travel routes and hotels to Samtidskonstdagarna in Boden 2018.

The main venue for Samtidskonstdagarna 2018 is Folkets hus, Drottninggatan 4, Boden.

There are prebooked rooms at two different hotels in Boden, Quality Hotel Bodensia (very close to Folkets hus) and Hotell Nivå (right across the rainwaystation Boden C). You’re able to book your room at a discount if you use the code Samtidskonstdagarna. NOTE: For the code to be applicable, telephone booking is required! Quality hotell Bodensia, +46(0)921-177 10, Hotell Nivå, +46(0)921-558 60. First come, first served!

Travel routes
You can reach Boden by airplane (to Luleå and then further on to Boden by bus), train or bus.
Prebooked buses go from Luleå airport to central Boden. All bus travels mentioned in the programme are included in the conference fee. Please note that the transfer to Luleå airport for the trip home is arranged by the conference participants individually.
Boden Central station is situated a 10 minute walk from the conference venue.
The bus stop is situated at Medborgarplatsen in central Boden, a short walk from Folkets hus and Hotell Bodensia.
More information about how to travel to Boden can be found here

Contact, practical questions:

Do you have questions about hotels and local travels, please e-mail Anette Carlsson at Havremagasinet länskonsthall at or call at +46(0)70-368 31 23.