Matt Lucero and Tuan Andrew Nguyen, The Propeller Group

Representing The Propeller Group

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Los Angeles, United States

Founded by artists Phunam Thúc Hà, Tuan Andrew Nguyen, and Matt Lucero as a cross-disciplinary platform for creating ambitious art projects, the Propeller Group began their ongoing project Viet Nam The World Tour as a multimedia platform to challenge conceptions and definitions of “Vietnam”. Nguyen states that Vietnam has been one of the most “mediated nations… by a U.S. media machine, U.S. journalism, Hollywood”. Collaborating with street muralists, graffiti artists, and hip-hop dancers they attempt to challenge that history through re-imagining a global public image of Vietnam as vibrant and creative. Lucero’s individual practice uses performance, installation, and interventions to open debate over public versus private issues of space. Nguyen is a co-founder of artist run alternative space Sán Art whose work often addresses cultural interchanges during expatriation and the experience of returning home to an unfamiliar place. The Propeller Group has been exhibited at Sàn Art and Galerie Quynh in Ho Chi Minh City, the Venice Biennale, New Museum, Los Angeles Biennial, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.