Welcome to Samtidskonstdagarna in Boden November 14th−16th 2018

Welcome to Samtidskonstdagarna – The Contemporary Art Days Summit – in Boden/Luleå
14th16th November 2018

Day 1 14/11
10:10 Bus from Luleå Airport to Hotell Nivå and Quality Hotel Bodensia
11:10 Bus from Luleå Airport to Hotell Nivå and Quality Hotel Bodensia
13:00 Registration, networking and coffee with sandwich
14:00 Welcome
14:15 Performance: NORDTING − The Northern Assembly – Boden by Amund Sjølie Sveen with Maya Mi Samuelsen and Erik Stifjell
15:30 Introduction, workshop and coffee
Giorgiana Zachia, Kajsa Balkfors and Jesper Hök (SE/EN)
17:00 Discussion on networks and collaborations among art organisations in the Barents Region: Kristoffer Dolmen, Hanna Horsberg Hansen, Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, Riitta Kuusikko and Cornelius Stiefenhofer (EN)
17:40 Closing discussion
18:00 Bus journey to the Rödberget Fort – a part of Boden’s Fortress
18:30 Dinner at Rödbergsfortet. Visit of A Sense of War by Karl Sjölund (a part of Luleå Biennial)
20:00 Bus journey to Havremagasinet Regional Centre for Contemporary Art
20:30 Mingle at Havremagasinet Regional Centre for Contemporary Art. The exhibitions may be visited.The exhibitions may be visited

Day 2 15/11
8:30 Introduction Breakfast with network sponsors: Nordic Culture Point (Nordisk Kulturkontakt) and The Swedish Postcode Foundation (Svenska Postkodstiftelsen)
8:45 Panel discussion on financing of networks. Miriam Andersson Blecher (Botkyrka konsthall), Robert Brodén (Swedish Postcode Foundation), Ola Kellgren (Nordic Culture Point) and Caroline Lund (The National Association of Swedish Art Societies) (SE)
9:40 Lecture: Grégory Castéra, On long-term inquiries and assemblies around common concerns
10:10 Lecture: Julie Decker, Sharing tomorrow (EN)
10:40 Coffee and reflection in groups
11:00 Lecture: Maria Lind, The Eros Effect and the Proximity Principle (EN)
11:30 Lecture: Ulricha Johnson, Nätverk inom scenkonsten/Networks in Performing Arts (SE)
12:00 Reflection in groups
12:30 Lunch, Casa Bodensia
13:30  Grégory CastéraWhat do we have in common? How can art organisations evolve through the concerns of the public? (EN), Julie DeckerChange, Culture & Conflict: Organisational Response (EN), Jenny Grönvall and Anna NorbergBästa Biennalen: Att nå ut / The Best Biennial: Outreach (SE), Stefan IngvarssonDärför ska vi samarbeta med Ryssland/This is why we should collaborate with Russia (SE), Ulricha JohnsonAtt utveckla nätverk/Developing Networks (SE)
15:00 Coffee and exchange of experiences and presentations of attending networks
17:00 Lecture: Sandi HilalAl-Madhafah/The Living Room (EN)
17:30 Conclusion
18:00 Performance dinner: Sandi Hilal The Right to Be a Host – a part of Al-Madhafah/The Living Room

Day 3 16/11
9:30 Bus and visit to Defense Museum, Boden
10:30 Bus journey to Mjölkuddsberget
11:15 Visit to The Blood of Stars by Raqs Media Collective in Mjölkuddsberget (part of Luleå Biennial)
11:45 Bus to Luleå kulturhus
12:15 Lunch in central Luleå (NB. not included in the conference fee)
13:15 The curatorial team present the Luleå Biennial at Luleå art center
14:00 Optional visits to Galleri Syster, Norrbottens museum, etc. (approx. 2 hours).

The programme will be held in English and Swedish.
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Practical information
The main venue for Samtidskonstdagarna – The Contemporary Art Days Summit 2018 is Folkets Hus, Drottninggatan 4, Boden.

We have pre-booked rooms in two different hotels in Boden: Quality Hotel Bodensia (next to Folkets Hus) and Hotell Nivå (opposite Boden central train station). You can book rooms for a reduced price using the code Samtidskonstdagarna. This is on a first come, first served basis.

Boden can be reached by plane (to Luleå and then with bus), train and bus.
Plane: It’s possible to fly to Luleå airport an then further to Boden by bus or train. Rented buses will depart from Luleå airport to Boden. All bus journeys mentioned in the programme are included within the conference fee. Please observe that transfers to the airport for return journeys should be organised independently.
Train: Boden central train station (Boden C) is located 10 minutes walk from the conference venue.
Bus: The bus stop is located on Medborgarplatsen in central Boden, a stone’s throw from Folkets hus and Hotell Bodensia.
More information on travelling to Boden can be found here www.upplevboden.nu/en/travel-here/

Contact details for practical enquiries
If you have questions regarding hotel accommodation or local travel, please contact Anette Carlsson at Havremagasinet Regional Centre for Contemporary Art at anette@havremagasinet.se or via telephone at 070-368 31 23.
If you have questions regarding the program of the summit, please contact Elena Jarl at The Public Art Agency Swedenvia email at elena.jarl@statenskonstrad.se or via telephone at 08-40 01 26 19.

Samtidskonstdagarna: Programme and bios of the participants

> Samtidskonstdagarna Programme and bios (pdf)