Poste Restante


Stockholm, Sweden

Whether it be abandoned offices, church aisles, shady backstreets, or embassy villas, audiences of Poste Restante’s performances are sure to be taken to unexpected places. The Swedish company creates performances where audiences participate tangibly in the pieces, often placed inside a dilemma in an ongoing situation. Opposed to finding solutions to inner problems and conflicts, their work aims to create a space in which to reflect on difficult questions, where all issues are seen as legitimate. Initially founded 2007 by artistic directors Linn Hilda Lamberg and Stefan Akesson, the group has worked in close collaboration with Swedish independent curator Erik Berg whose practice focuses on audience relations, site/situation-specifics, and performance since 2009. Poste Restante’s project Civilization and its Discontents (2013) featured an interactive performance based on Freud’s essay of the same name in which the visitors were given the possibility to examine his or her personal relationship to the themes of power, desire, and responsibility with the common goal of achieving an utopian community.