Núria Güell


Barcelona, Spain

Núria Güell uses her work as a means of political and social activism, believing that the communicative power of art can transform our reality and create a more democratic society. Through installation, archive, writing, performance, and video, she rethinks the ethics practiced by large institutions that govern our society, challenging established power systems and suggesting alternative methodologies. Some of her projects have included: publishing a book explaining how to expropriate money from the bank, a marriage of convenience in order to give legal status to an individual, and creating a company in order to hire a construction worker to demolish the doors for the purpose of enabling squatting. She graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Fine Art and went on to continue her studies under Tania Bruguera with the Museum of Arte Útil in Cuba. Her work has been exhibited in biennials in Havana, Pontevedra, Ljubljana, and Liverpool, as well as in the Print Triennial of Tallinn.