Nastío Mosquito


Luanda, Angola

The core of Nástio Mosquito’s work is an intense commitment to the open-ended potential of language, arrived at through deliberate strategies of reinvention. Mosquito makes music, performances, objects, and videos, under a range of monikers such as Nastiá, Saco, Cucumber Slice, and Zura Zuara. He adopts the role of postcolonial respondent, while also mocking the idea of any such imposed positions. He seeks to open up language, and therefore understanding, through a sometimes aggressive, sometimes nuanced collage of perspectives.

In 2010 Mosquito worked with Barcelona collective Bofa da Cara to produce My African Mind, a stunning video about Western constructions of Africa, with a voiceover that floats along with a dramatic 1940s Hollywood style soundtrack. It touches on the ideological construction of race as a justification for colonialist expansion as well as the loop between Western aid, NGO industry, and the continued exploitation of resources. Mosquito was also a founding member of DZZZZ Consultancy services. He was recently nominated for the Future Generation Art Prize 2014, a major international competition that provides long term support to emerging artists.