Myriam Lefkowitz


Paris, France

For the past five years, through her ongoing project Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city), Myriam Lefkowitz has examined the multifarious relationships formed between a given city and its inhabitants. Over the course of an hour’s silent walk through a city (whether it be New York, Vilnius, Paris, or Aubervilliers), a participant and a guide from a particular relationship with their surroundings simply by walking, seeing, and touching. Lefkowitz has carefully tracked the experience of each individual, and is currently compiling the accounts of these diversified voices into a book.

The compilation will question the interactions at work between the topographic reality of urban terrain and how geography is reflected in these perceptive experiences. The project has been presented at galleries and exhibitions worldwide, including the 55th Venice Biennale (2013). Lefkowitz’s exploration of the body and space led her to take on Shiatsu massage training in 2008, allowing her to integrate the issue of touch with her artistic projects.