Muf architecture/arts Liza Fior: There is a potential loss from densification

What made you want to participate in Art Is Happening Jordbro?

— Just like Sweden we in London use the term densification, and what it means is building a whole lot of housing in existing places. From my work in London I am well aware of the potential loss of value from that process, and one of my selfish reasons was the opportunity to look at London by working in Sweden. And also the freedom of working with a project without any preconception of what the final product would be.

What has been the biggest challenge?

— Like all arranged marriages we had to spend a little time together to understand what Muf could bring to the situation. And perhaps the greatest challenge was to find a way for the culture house who are so busy just surviving, to see what they do and how valuable that is.

What is the artwork about?

— It is about making visible what you are doing every day, to make visible that the new culture house is here in plain sight, right in front of your nose. And what I brought to the situation was the nag, and we offered to bring a nose, an illuminated nose, to substitute for the broken lamppost who hasn’t worked for many years.

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Art is Happening


2016-2018 Public Art Agency Sweden will focus on public art in late modernist dwelling area, built 1965-1974. A part of the governments Taking place-project.