Jonas Staal


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Asking “What does democracy stand for?”, Jonas Staal founded the artistic and political organization New World Summit to create a new space that encourages us to alter our perception of “democratic” governments across the globe. Since 2012, Staal has convened groups that include: the Kurdish Women’s Movement, the Basque Independence Movement, the National Liberation Movement of Azawad to discuss designated terrorists lists that systematically ban bodies from political order. This year’s New World Summit will take place in Brussels and will be focused on inviting “stateless states”, organizations that are striving for self-determination. In addition to his work on the New World Summit, Staal is currently working on his PhD research at PhDArts focusing on art and propaganda in the 21st century. His most recent books include Art, Property of Politics III: Closed Architecture (2011) and Nosso Lar Brasília (2014) which explores the relationship between Spiritualism and Modernism in Brazilian architecture.