Joanna Warsza


Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Warsaw works in the public realm, using her curatorial projects to examine social and political agendas, such as the invisibility of the Vietnamese community in Warsaw, the phenomenon of Israeli Youth Delegations to Poland, or the legacy of post-Soviet architecture in the Caucasus. Warsza graduated from the Warsaw Theatre Academy and founded the Laura Palmer Foundation in 2007, a platform for independent projects in the field of art, performance, architecture and theory. She was associate curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale (2012) and the Georgian Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Warsza most recently curated the Public Program for Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg (2014), introducing politically charged interventions into existing “public” space, that attempted to engage with the Soviet legacy while taking an open stance against the current social-political position of Putin’s Russia.