Dora Garcia


Barcelona, Spain

The work of Spanish artist Dora García examines the complex relationship between the viewer, the exhibition space, and the artwork itself. Through the use of a wide range of media including performance, text and video, she seeks to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. Her Tunnel People (2000) placed unspecified actors in the in Brussels tramway system to stage scripted and unscripted interactions with fellow travelers. This project, along with other works, engage the audience by altering the perception of the viewer and evoking doubt and skepticism that forces him or her to reassess what it means to inhabit any given space. García also explores the political potential rooted in marginal positions. She invited anti-psychiatrists to discuss artists who identify or have are viewed as outsiders as part of her Mad Marginal (2009) research project. García has participated in Manifesta 2, the Istanbul Biennale, and the 2011 Venice Biennial, where she represented her home country of Spain.