An eternal performance and an expansive snake skeleton 

The proposal Rainbow Snake by Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping has been selected for Haga station. Eternal Employment by the Swedish artist duo Goldin+Senneby has been selected for Korsvägen station. The art programme West Link: Chronotopia gives unique opportunities for artists to influence the new station spaces in Gothenburg.

Rainbow Snake consists of a 318-meters-long snake skeleton whose curved shape meanders through the whole site, traversing the layers of the earth and emerging over- and underground, at the park, across the entrances, through the halls and the platforms. At Korsvägen, a person will be employed indefinitely. A changing room will be  installed, as well as a time clock connected to fluorescent lights above the platforms that are turned on whenever the employee is at work.

– We are very happy about the winning proposals. One of the artworks has a sculptural approach in the scale of architecture which embraces the entire station and the people moving there. The other artwork is a conceptual performance that will go on eternally. This work writes international history by radically expanding the limits of what public art can be, says Magdalena Malm, director of Public Art Agency Sweden.

Making public art for the West Link
In the competition Chronotopia: Haga and Korsvägen, Public Art Agency Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration, the artists were invited at an early stage of the construction planning, thus offering possibilities for new types of collaboration and creating more integrated art experiences.

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